Challenge: Yin & Yang Superfoods’ Earthgro mulch faced stiff competition, a problem exacerbated by their limited advertising budget. Tight margins demanded maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS) while keeping costs low.

Goal: Maximize ROAS and keep CPCs low

Solution: This Way Up, the agency supporting Yin & Yang Superfoods, utilized Teikametrics to focus on single keyword campaigns targeting high-volume, relevant search terms. Using Teikametrics’ Ads Manager, they set ACoS targets and bid ranges to maintain top-of-page placement at a controlled cost. This ensured maximum visibility for key products within budget constraints.

Strategy: To maximize ad reach and control costs, a focused keyword strategy was implemented. This strategy targeted terms with the highest search volume relevant to the advertised products. As a result, the ads appeared at the top of search results for these crucial keywords. Competitive bids were maintained using CPC data, ensuring efficient budget allocation without exceeding limitations. Ultimately, this approach drove conversions by acquiring highly relevant traffic.


  • Purchase Share Increased: Top search term share increased by over 66%
  • ROAS Improved: Achieved a slight ROAS increase from 2.03 to 2.16
  • Sales Grew: Top product sales rose 20% MoM
  • Top Page Domination: Increased top keyword page 1 presence by over 200%