No matter the time or seasonality, Amazon is more competitive than ever — and more important for your success than ever. As new changes and challenges arise, you need to be educated and strategic in your decision-making to get ahead of your competition. We’ve put in the research, and have a series of deep-dive blogs to help you create your next game-changing campaign.

Perfect Your Pricing

When it comes to pricing your products on Amazon, you need to toe a fine line. Your pricing shouldn’t be so low that you’re losing money, but it always can’t be too high that you drive away potential customers. Fortunately, we break down the importance of seasonality and seven surefire strategies for pricing success. Check out the full blog here.

Does the Amazon Best Seller Rank Still Matter?

Honestly? Yes. It matters a lot. Maintaining an Amazon BSR for at least an hour can provide sizeable boosts to the rate of sales and products sold. So much so, that research shows that sellers with a BSR sold 41.5% more units per week when compared to the week before becoming the top position in their category. We show you the importance of an Amazon Best Seller Rank and how to get and maintain it for your business. Read about it here.

What You Need to Know about Hourly Updates

If you want to get the most out of your performance on Amazon, you should employ hourly updates. This is proven to be the most effective optimization rate to ensure your listings are seen and improve conversion rate. Anything more or less frequently has major drawbacks that can hamstring your performance. Learn all about it in our deep dive.

Your Secret E-commerce Weapon: People

With all of the advancements in software and tools, it seems like more and more e-commerce is automated. However, if you’re really looking to grow your brand, then you need people. E-commerce experts have a wealth of knowledge and capabilities that outshine AI and other resources. When leveraged alongside these tools, people can help skyrocket your performance. Learn more here.

Improving with AI

At Teikametrics, we always propose a balanced approach to e-commerce, one that uses people and AI software. AI is incredibly powerful because it can do the work of countless people at a fraction of the cost. It can help you with strategy, optimization, reporting, and more. If you want to get the most out of AI (like our industry-leading tool), check out this blog.